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[SJTU] - Robots Built for VEX Robotics Competetion, Season 18-19

1st version with reverse double lift system. & 2nd version with catapult shooting system.
3rd flywheel shooting system design. & Final version robots for world championship.

[CMU] - O2 Concentrator Prototype Built for Robotic Ventilator

O2 concentrator with pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

[CMU] - In-Pipe Repair Robot Demo

Pipe reconstruction with AR. (I'm the guy on the left.)

[CMU] - Fancy Robots Designed by BioRoboticists at CMU!

Modsnakes - the yellow snake robot - assist with search and rescue efforts in the wake of earthquake.
EigenBot - the small six-legged robot - modularity, multi-agent control study.
Quadruped Robot - the dog robot - control theory study.
Titan 6 - the large size six-legged spider robot - terrify people.